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A Smart Investment

Thanks to an ever-growing high-end renter market and the fact that the market is reaching another growth tipping point, purchasing a Real Caribe residential unit is a sound investment. Real Capital Ventures, the umbrella that holds Real Caribe, specializes in this sort of offer: by combining research and know-how, it is able to provide below-market-value investment opportunities with high returns and low risk factors. Therefore, its projects are often favored by wealth managers, asset managers and corporate investors.

Real Caribe can offer three types of investment model tailored to suit all kinds of investors, those looking to invest long term medium term and those looking to invest solely for their personal use , and take advantage of the increase in capital appreciation and use the unit for their own private use.



Business model number one, CENTRAL PARK

This model suits long term investors looking for a low risk professionally managed service whereby the management company will source long term executive tenants that will rent the unit and undertake all the running costs for a lengthy period, the company will undertake all the relevant background and credit checks, and take deposits to ensure that a reputable tenant is in place, thereby generating a steady long term yield for each investor without the risk of minimum occup ancy.

The client will be subject to a 10% fee to the management company, in return the company will deal with the client and undertake sole responsibility thereafter, this represents a safe and stable long term investment.

TYPE A-F$110,000$10,00$1,100-$1,200 Monthly10% $110$1308.6% - 9.5%
TYPE B-E$84,000$8,000$790-$830 Monthly10% $79$908.2% - 8.6%
TYPE C-D$94,000$10,000$900-$975 Monthly10% $90$1108.0% - 8.85%





Business model number 2, CENTRAL SUITES

Operating essentially as an "Aparthotel" the Central suites tower will be run along the lines of a high end hotel, catering for executive clients staying for shorter periods of time.

This model involves the investor taking a share of the overall yield of the business equal to a percentage of his investment.

So the yield is pooled proportionately amongst the investors regardless of individual units being occupied or not, assuring a regular income for each investor this model ideally suits investors looking to purchase multiple units.

The parameters for investment.

The formula is very simple.

You are the sole owner of the property with a high growth
potential, which automatically generates cash flow.


The Business Model Canvas




Business model number 3, private ownership, both towers.

An investor or private individual can purchase an apartment in either tower for their own personal use, taking advantage of the capital appreciation that each unit will accrue and still have full title and 100% ownership of the apartment, renting it out privately to friends and family.

Costs of the community fees are liable however to be paid monthly in advance by each individual owner.


Real Caribe is the US based division of International investment group Real Capital Ventures, which has regional offices in Dubai, Fort Lauderdale in Florida and Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. The company’s real estate experience in several other booming American and Latin American markets —the group has undertaken residential investment projects in the United States, Panamá, Colombia and Uruguay— was a boon for the selection of a prime investment spot within the Santo Domingo luxury residential landscape. 

At the moment, Real Ventures is running a 50-million dollar investment catalog that includes the creation of apart-hotel and full-service residential units with strong cash flow. Within this multi-country investment strategy, the Dominican projects present the largest yield. 

Investment opportunities with Real Capital Ventures offer above-market returns for wealth managers, asset managers, and corporate investors. The projects are able to generate high returns with a low risk factor by providing below-market real estate investment opportunities below market value. Based on their experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry, Real Capital Ventures research stellar growth markets and then structure high-yield opportunities based on that analysis. As a result, they are able to provide clients with the opportunity to maximize profits and enjoy minimized risk.


Established in 1987, Carvajal Polanco & Asociados has designed and developed more than 400 housing and commercial projects in the Dominican Republic. The firm focuses on producing functional yet attractive architectural design, which makes their residential and commercial projects stand out in the Santo Domingo skyline.