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The Heart of Santo Domingo

The epicenter of economic activity in the Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo, its capital, home to four million people in its core and surrounding metropolitan areas. But the epicenter of residential real estate, luxury and fine entertainment is the area comprised by Piantini and Serrallés, two of the city’s most sought-after neighborhoods.

There, some of the most architecturally innovative residential buildings coexist with the city’s best restaurants and coffee shops, along with high-end designer boutiques, yoga and pilates studios, medi-spas, bilingual schools, luxury malls and specialized supermarkets. This makes the Piantini-Serrallés perimeter one of the most entertainment-dense areas in the city.

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Thanks to thorough research of the real estate and construction industries in the country, Real Caribe is now able to provide prime-location residential units that satisfy both the needs of those wishing to invest in an outstanding market and those wishing to call Piantini-Serrallés their home.

Piantini, home to the second most expensive square meters in the entire country, is one of Santo Domingo’s most exciting mixed-use residential/commercial areas. Serrallés, a previously residential enclave, is now populated by a large number of luxury high-rise dwellings and indie restaurants, cafés and shops. Linked together by the bustling streets that surround the Abraham Lincoln Avenue, these two neighborhoods are right in the middle of the city’s commercial action.

Let’s put it this way: retail innovation happens first in Piantini and Serrallés. Some of the most creative businesses in the city test the waters first in the neighborhood, as this enclave is a hightraffic area with a native population of high-end, sophisticated metropolitan customers.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll find in the area: Looking for Prada bags? Head to Cento per Cento, a local fashion institution. Or perhaps the latest from Marni, Céline or local designer Oriett Domenech? You’ll find those items at multi-brand fashion shop Il Prato, located on Federico Geraldino street, one of Piantini’s main arteries. How about an açaí shop —Brazaí—, an organic juice bar —Vita Healthy and Fit—, a Brazilian-style yoga studio —Swasthya Yoga—, the Ilumel furniture shopping empire, a bastion of gastronomic creativity that stems from an Uruguayan mastermind —SBG—, one of the country’s most exclusive hair salons —Llongueras— and New-York-Times darlings bunch spot La Dolcerie and Dominican gourmet restaurant Travesías? They're all in Piantini-Serrallés, the place to see and be seen in Santo Domingo.

How about the country’s best shopping malls? Zara and Mango, Carolina Herrera and Louis Vuitton, along with hip bistros and high-end sushi restaurants can be found in Blue Mall, which also houses the luxurious JW Marriott hotel. Nearby are Ágora Mall, Galería 360, Silver Sun and NovoCentro, the most popular shopping and entertainment spots in the city at the moment. Nearby, you’ll also find the local dealerships for BMW, Maserati, Ferrari, Infiniti, Mini Cooper and Range Rover.

With the constant influx of international capital in the services sector, especially within the financial, manufacturing and telecom markets, this in-demand perimeter can’t grow fast enough, as both foreign executives and sophisticated local young professionals are looking for residential offers in Piantini-Serrallés that live up to their expectations of comfort and luxury. 

As a matter of fact, the area is home to some of the city’s most innovative residential architecture projects of the past decade: the breathtaking Due project, the cubist-inspired Logroval XVI, the skyline-altering Meninas Towers and the luxurious Da Silva I, II and III.


Prime location to boot: Our newest project, Central Park Tower, is seven minutes away from both the NovoCentro and Ágora shopping malls, and right behind a large supermarket and a tree-lined park.

  1. Ágora Mall
  2. Blue Mall
  3. Serrallés Park
  4. NovoCentro Mall
  5. Acrópolis Center
  6. Bravo Supermarket
  7. Smurfit Kappa
  8. Holiday Inn Santo Domingo
  9. Nacional Supermarket
  10. Farmax (drugstore)
  11. IKEA
  12. Galería 360 Mall
  13. Central Park Tower
  14. Central Park Tower
  15. Central Suites